More leads,
less people.
AI SDRs (aiDRs)

Train an aiDR on your ICP and messaging matrix.
Activate it on a patch. It will send personalized sequences to every target contact.

You’re in Control

aiDRs operate based on your rules. You guide the machine, the aiDRs execute the work.

Infinitely Scalable

Train an aiDR on a patch. When you are happy with the results, scale it effortlessly.

Incredibly Flexible

Train an aiDR on an outbound patch, to nurture inbound leads, or to reach out to your long tail of SMB customers at renewal time.

Train your aiDR on your...

You're in control. Train your aiDR on elements of your Marketing strategy.

Quick to ramp

Quick to scale up

Easy to optimize

Works with all your existing tools


Allocate effort where your reps make an impact.
Let us handle the rest.

Keep your reps "in the air" -- out in the field and on the phone where they can build relationships.


Improvement in Open Rates


Improvement in Ramp Time


Improvement in Meetings Booked

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Embrace the new era of outbound

Wizia lets you train, activate, and optimize aiDRs.
Take your outbound to new levels of performance and efficiency.

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